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You’ve Got To Do Your First Sales Year Sometime

I heard this phrase from Jimmy, one of my favorite clients. He was a top producer in financial printing sales and decided to change careers, moving into financial planning. This career move wasn’t easy, but Jimmy is an equally big success in this industry. When I asked Jimmy the key to his success, he smiled his big Irish smile and said, “You have to do your first year sometime. And I decided to do mine in the first year.”

Sage advice, but not all sales professionals heed it. (more…)

Never Sell a Hat That Doesn’t Fit

Would you buy a hat that doesn’t fit even if it was cheaper? Many salespeople try.

Last fall, I traveled to Eastern Europe with a group of executives. While visiting Heroes’ Square in Budapest, a street vendor approached me and asked if I’d buy a fur hat. The conversation went like this:

Street Vendor: You can buy my hat for 40 Euro.

Shari: Can I try it on? (She hands it to me) It doesn’t fit. It’s too small. Do you have another hat? (more…)

Stay or Go: Should You Keep or Replace Your Sales Manager?

Quotas aren’t being met and sales performance overall is lagging every quarter. Moral is atrocious, and no one seems to have any answers. You look to your sales manager to fix it, but then realize he needs coaching and training to get over the hump, which you provide, but it doesn’t help. Sometimes, even coaching and training won’t fix the problems, so you resolve that the only thing left to do is find another sales manager. But how do you know you’re making the right decision?

Clear Symptoms of Dysfunction

The obvious symptom of poor sales management is sales reps consistently missing their numbers. Others may include:


Top 5 Signs You’re Wasting Time And Burning Money on Networking

Burning Money on networkingMany sales pros and business owners tell me “networking” is how they fill their pipeline with leads and opportunities. I rarely believe them. Networking can lead to opportunities, but more often than not, “networking” simply fills up their calendar and gives them the feeling that they’re accomplishing something. They feel “busy” and believe “busy” is a good use of their time.

If you’re relying on networking to increase your sales results, you’re just burning money and wasting your time.

My experience has shown me that networking is a “hope” to increase sales so you don’t have to actually perform those selling activities (more…)

A Tale of Two Sales Conferences – Woman in Sales Viewpoint

Businesspeople in office

The Top Sales World European Sales Enablement Summit is a top-quality event in London on October 4th. It has four women keynote speakers talking about sales and sales enablement out of ten keynote speakers. That’s 40%, which probably matches up well with the make-up of the audience I would suspect.

CEO Jonathan Farrington says about the event: “Top Sales World’s primary objective for this first European Sales Enablement Summit is, quite simply, to join the dots,” says Farrington. “We will be viewing the Sales Enablement ‘landscape’ from every angle; the entrepreneur, the researcher, the strategist, the futurist, the practitioner, the technology provider, the messenger, the presenter, all have their own commitment to sales enablement excellence but each has their own approach.” (more…)

Are New Sales Reps Doomed to Repeat the Sins of Their Predecessors?

new sales reps                                                                                 New sales people today are so lucky that it makes me envious. They’re given an accessible abundance of training, documented success stories, automated tools, and a knowledge base of best sales practices to guide them towards success. But, even with all this support, what completely puzzles me is that these lucky new sales reps are repeating the bad habits of their predecessors – and making the same rotten mistakes.  You see, there was a time – long, long ago – when an effective salesperson was one that was good at schmoozing, was likable, took clients out to expensive dinners, and closed lots of deals. But these practices went only so far. Since then, especially with the major advances in technology, buyers have become much more sophisticated. The sales profession clearly had to adjust accordingly.



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