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Avoid Lame Sales Questions

lame sales questionsI hope you are not one of those people who are still asking the question, “What keeps you up at night?” Back in the old days, that may have been a reasonable question to ask but, today, it is just plain wrong, not to mention damaging to your credibility. Avoid lame sales questions and show the client that you are prepared for the meeting and that you value their time. (more…)

Why People Buy From You

yes-or-noPeople buy for all sorts of reasons. They either need something or want something. When you’re the buyer, you typically have some idea based on your needs, wants, past experiences, budget, etc.  And, due to the plethora of information at our fingertips, we know that most people are well into their buying cycle before interacting with a sales person. But do you really know why people buy from you? (more…)

Women Sales Pros You Need to Meet

women sales prosToday we are pleased to launch Women Sales Pros, a place to find some of the best, B2B sales experts in the world. We are:

Keynote speakers on B2B sales topics

Top consultants on sales process, inside sales, negotiation, EQ, sales strategy, prospecting, and sales leadership (more…)

What to do Right after a Big Win

after a big winGreat news, you won the sale!  The contract is signed and implementation plans are in place.  Is it time to move on to the next sale?  Not so fast. The best next step, often overlooked, is a retrospective meeting with your new customer.  A retrospective is an opportunity to look back and debrief the buying and selling process.  (more…)

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