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Never, Ever Give Up!

Jill Konrath Bernadette McClellandTen years ago, I made the conscious decision to leave the corporate world where I held a very senior sales role for a company I was extremely proud to work for, a company I had progressed up the ladder over a 15 year period and a company I felt was home. (more…)

Take Initiative: Making Connections That Count

take Initiative making connections that countMany of us attend conferences and professional organizations for continuing education, but these can be great opportunities to make new connections, if we have the right mindset. Approaching new people can be difficult because of obstacles we put in front of ourselves as well as those innate to a learning setting. As a result, you leave events without making meaningful contacts. (more…)

3 Levels of Value

3 levels of valueSellers used to deliver on their buyer’s priority value. If a buyer preferred “made in the USA,” the seller offered products manufactured in America. As competitive pressures increased, marketers created “added value” to ensure buyer loyalty with everything from the old S&H Green Stamps to today’s Box Tops for Education. B2B selling followed suit, incentivizing buyers with various bonus programs. (more…)

Consultative Sales in an Inbound World – According to Meatloaf

boy girl paradis by the dashboard lightsWhen I first started coaching clients about inbound sales, I wrote this blog post about slowing down in sales.  I grew up with all girls, so the metaphor of a frisky boy as a salesperson going too fast with inbound (or outbound) leads seemed fitting. The Meatloaf song, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” was played multiple times every weekend at my mother’s house and has somehow become the family’s theme song. We even sang it at my wedding to my ever-so-patient husband. (more…)

Just Shut Up To Be Heard

Just Shut Up To Be HeardWant your customers and prospects to listen to what you have to say? Then close your mouth and open your ears.

In sales conversations, many sellers work hard and practice what they are going to say. This is great.  I would never discourage anyone from preparing. But before we focus on what we are going to SAY, we should prepare what we are going to ASK and how we will keep the attention on them. (more…)

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