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For Better Sales Results: More Prequalifying; Less Guessing

Better Sales ResultsOn a recent interview by Paul Watts for his show Sales Reinvented Podcast, he asked me “What’s one thing you wish you knew earlier in your sales career?”

My answer: “I wish I would have known to be more hardcore at pre-qualifying.”

Pre-qualifying prospects is critical! When I think of all the thousands of hours I’ve spent in nearly two decades on trying to force square customers into a round hole – it kind of makes me ill. I left pre-qualifying up to a loosely knit (more…)

Do This. You’ll Sell More

Sell moreEvan is new to the company, a firm that provides software, hardware, and managed technology services to businesses of all sizes. He entered the company from a different industry with no customer base or contacts within this business. He does, however, have a sales target. Evan is starting from scratch and he is prospecting for his livelihood.

Evan schedules his attention. Do not try to reach him between 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM. He is on the phone. Every day.

“This is the best time to get the right people at (more…)

Truth: Sales Managers Are Hurting Reps’ Quota Attainment

Quota AttainmentOnly 57% of sales reps make quota on average, according to Miller Heiman Group’s CSO Insights 2016 Sales Performance Optimization Study. And that number isn’t expected to improve much this year as the most recent Sales Manager Enablement Report shows. There are tons of reasons for this –reps not spending time on the right deals, not qualifying out early, or not having enough in their pipeline. But it’s also comes down directly to sales managers and their two most common approaches to pipelines: filling the pipeline to 3X or 5X quota, or boosting close rates. (more…)

Don’t Miss Your ‘Window of Opportunity’ With The C-Suite

Window of OpportunityMany sellers don’t recognize the precious few windows of opportunity to access the C-Suite. When it comes to your TOP Line Accounts™ (i.e. largest prospect or most important customers worth at least 5x your average customer or deal size), these open windows can be deal makers or breakers.

Open Window One:

For example, there’s a window of opportunity right after contract signature but before implementation where a lot can get accomplished.  Why? Executives are interested (more…)

This Is The #1 Reason Lead Generation Doesn’t Work

Lead Generation“I am getting a little worried. I’m not getting any results from my lead generation activities.  I’ve done a ton of activities, but all to no avail.  No bites, no sales conversations … nada,” a sales rep lamented to me this week.

I’ve changed my target market. I’ve changed my prospecting activities. Why isn’t lead generation working for me?” She was nearly in tears.

Sound familiar? (more…)

4 Places to Share Meaningful Stories With Your Customers (and Earn More Sales!)

Earn more salesAs sellers, aren’t we always looking for an easier way to talk to buyers? We’re trying to find ways to make people WANT to listen to us amongst the crowded field of our competition and the thousands of messages our buyers are bombarded with every day.

There are so many details we want to convey about our products and services. We create presentations, brochures, proposals, demos, and websites to answer every possible question our customers could have. For buyers, it can be too much. They can do the research and read the numbers themselves. (more…)

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