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How to Share Challenges and Successes for More Women in Sales to Gain Ideas

Share Challenges and SuccessBeing able to learn from others is a powerful way to identify and solve problems as well as for sharing big successes. At the AA-ISP Leadership Conference this week, WOMEN Sales Pros will be facilitating a workshop for men and women sales leaders (and company leaders) on ways to find, hire, and retain great women sales reps and sales leaders. (watch the Twitter handle @WOMENSalesPros plus #LS2017

After a panel discussion with three amazing women leaders we will break into small groups. Below are my instructions for the (more…)

Revealing the 4 Simple Pillars of an Effective Sales Program

Effective Sales ProgramHow do you train, develop and motivate your sales team so that your message sticks? If you’re like most sales leaders I work with, you were promoted and tasked with training others to be as successful as you have been in sales. This promotion, most likely also came without offering you the essential training and mentoring skills to help you be successful.

Transferring your years of knowledge and expertise to your team requires you to learn some new skills—specifically, how to train and mentor your sales team to be successful. (more…)

When Too Much of a Good Thing is “Too Much!”

Too MuchRemember Aesop’s story of the little shepherd boy who cried wolf? He cried wolf so often when there was no wolf that when one appeared and he cried for help, no one came and the wolf ate all the sheep. I was reminded of that story as I listened to an otherwise personable young man (let’s call him Bob) walk me through a demo of his software.

Everything he showed me was “magical.”

Now, the first time I heard him describe one of his product’s features as “magical,” I was (more…)

An Essential Executive Communication Strategy for Sellers

Executive communication strategyDo you know what the executives care about in your largest accounts? Progress, hard results, personal goals or company priorities?

If you want to stand out then one thing is clear, regardless of your sales process, it’s critical to know the answer to the question and even more important to have a strategy to communicate the alignment of your product or services with executive expectations on a regular basis.   (more…)

Do You Make These Colossal Mistakes in Your Sales Presentations?

Sales PresentationsYour prospect loves the solution you are offering. They tell you that you are terrific and that this is the exact product they’re looking for! Then out of nowhere you hear the dreaded, “I need to think about it”, “we’ll get back to you”, or “I need to run it by so-and-so.” Of course so-and-so is currently out of town and can’t be reached.

You’re baffled and wonder, “What in the world did I do wrong?” (more…)

Hire the Right Hunter

Sales HunterIn my 16 years running a company of for-hire senior level Door Openers®, we’ve learned a thing or two about hiring the right salespeople. Most business owners and sales VPs know the difference between hunters and farmers.  What they don’t know is that not all hunters were created equally.  Some are great at going on meetings and closing sales while others are great at opening doors.  In my experience, few are great at both. If your company needs one and interviews for the other the result can be an expensive mis-hire.  This explains why so many hunters fail in new sales roles…they weren’t the right kind of (more…)

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