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Killer Introductions

Killer IntroductionsSalesperson or “Racehorse in sales?”  Training pro or “a dopamine injection for you?”  How would you like to be described? Who would you want to meet?

When it comes to getting new business or new jobs, referrals and introductions are the way to go.  However, what someone says about you, or what you say about someone else, frames that person in the mind’s eye of the reader or listener and may intrigue you—or not.  The queen of intriguing introductions has to be Dawn Mckenna, Founder of Resume Salt. (more…)

Where Are the Women Chief Revenue Officers?

Women Chief Revenue OfficersAn HR executive from a top company sent me a note. His tech company was on a major search for a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). They wanted to look at any female candidates because inclusion at the top is important to them. They wanted female candidates and had none.

Who did I know and who could I recommend?

I was stumped.

My knowledge of women CROs and Worldwide Heads of Sales was limited to a handful of (more…)

Success in Selling and Skeet Shooting is All About this One Thing

Success Selling Skeet ShootingDuring my trip to Montana this year, I seemed to be able to conquer things I had not done in many years such as fly fishing (amazingly, I caught many fish) and horseback riding (amazingly, I stayed on the horse). So why could I not hit one of those pesky clays?

I really thought I’d be better at skeet shooting. I used to play competitive tennis, now I play decent golf (OK, my friends may differ on that opinion). I can catch a ball with one hand in flight – good eye-hand coordination. But it was this particular activity during my vacation in (more…)

How to Hire the Best Sales People

Hire Best SalespeopleWhile many companies talk about finding and developing, few deal with it systematically. The costs for you and your company are enormous.

Consider the following facts:

  • The average turnover in sales is 25-30%
  • The cost of hiring is roughly $50,000 -$75,000 per rep (It’s much more in a B2B environment)
  • Over 50% of all employees are disengaged from their jobs and are seeking new and better opportunities


5 Tips for “First Serve” Presentation Delivery

First Serve Presentation DeliveryWhen I asked a client why his colleague’s presentation had not gone well, he used a tennis analogy and said, “Basically, he started with his second serve and stayed there.”  Although what this colleague said was valuable, apparently his delivery lacked strength, conviction, and passion, the kind of hitting power that you want to see on a “first serve” in tennis.  Since no one wakes up wanting to hit “second serves” in either tennis or business, what could this person have done to ensure that his energy and enthusiasm “aced” his delivery to support his content? (more…)

When You Negotiate, Who Wins and Who Loses?

Negotiate Who wins who losesWe have all seen Law & Order and read books or watched movies that clearly show us that, when lawyers negotiate, someone wins and someone loses. I recently realized this when talking with a friend of mine who is a lawyer – clearly, we define “negotiate” differently. Then I asked myself, are sales people negotiating in terms of winners and losers? Or are they negotiating to the right outcome?

How Do You Define “Negotiate?”

First, I decided to get a reality check by looking up the official definition: (more…)

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