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Pay for Women in Sales on International Women’s Day

women in salesOver two years ago, Deborah Gage of The Wall Street Journal interviewed Chris Cabrera, CEO of Xactly Corp. in the article:  Big Data Company Shines a Light on the Dark World of Women’s Pay.  If you don’t have a WSJ subscription to view the 2014 article, I’ll summarize.    Using data captured by Xactly’s own software – that automatically collects, analyzes and calculates sales compensation – Xactly discovered that women employees in its own company received lower average commission rates than men. (more…)

Will Pressuring Your Customer to Close Backfire on You?

Pressuring Your CustomerWe all know the importance of understanding your customers by always putting yourself in their shoes and looking through their lens. But we’re also aware that many sales people are pressured to make their numbers – whether it’s their year-end, quarter end, or some other date they’re working towards.

I’ve participated in countless forecasting reviews as a consultant and as a sales leader. And I know the pressure sales reps feel is real, and is often transferred to their customers. But does pressuring customers to close the deal on YOUR timeline really work, or will it (more…)

Women Who Lack Confidence in a Sales Career

Women who Lack ConfidenceFor International Women’s Day this week, confidence, or lack of it – is a hot topic when it comes to women. Many studies have talked about women’s perceived lack of confidence.

I have a different opinion than most people when it comes to women and confidence because of what I’ve observed in sales offices across the United States. I can’t vouch for Europe or Asia or even Canada – but I have seen something powerful here in the U.S.

Our society rewards men for being tough, assertive, stoic, and confident. (more…)

Deepen Your Relationship with Centers of Influence

Deepen Your RelationshipNetworking, whether it is in person, via Linked In or in another manner, can have a lasting effect on future referrals. This is your opportunity to deepen the relationship with Centers of Influence. If done properly and with sincerity, you can have a referral source forever; if done poorly, they may never help you again. I recently attended an event and witnessed a conversation between a Center of Influence, Mark, and a Business Owner, Tom, that went poorly. Tom had previously requested a Linked In introduction via Mark, to a prospect named Susan. Mark took time out of his busy day, located Susan, a first (more…)

Get to Know the Gatekeeper

Get to Know the GatekeeperMost of us aren’t lucky enough to have gatekeepers or executive assistants any longer.  Even during a resurgent economy, dedicated admins seems to have gone the way of fax machines.  However, if you’re calling on an executive, then you may be in luck.

What is a gatekeeper?  A gatekeeper (even this has become an outdated term) is the person designated to keep a protective barrier or ‘screen’ around important or ultra-busy people. Their role is to only let those through the gate who actually have the combination to (more…)

Killer Introductions

Killer IntroductionsSalesperson or “Racehorse in sales?”  Training pro or “a dopamine injection for you?”  How would you like to be described? Who would you want to meet?

When it comes to getting new business or new jobs, referrals and introductions are the way to go.  However, what someone says about you, or what you say about someone else, frames that person in the mind’s eye of the reader or listener and may intrigue you—or not.  The queen of intriguing introductions has to be Dawn Mckenna, Founder of Resume Salt. (more…)

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