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The New Paradigm of Selling

New Paradigm of sellingWe can’t control the economic climate we work in, but we can face it and make the most of it. Ten years ago, you could offer to save a company 10 percent on a product or service, and that might have been enough to close the sale. Now, that kind of savings is not worth the time and risk involved for decision makers to upset the status quo. For decision makers to be motivated to act, the change has to benefit them personally in a big way. With this new reality, decision makers are more hesitant to buy, and there are layers of complexity in the approval process that didn’t exist before. (more…)

The Shocking Truth About Why People Won’t Buy From You

The Shocking TruthDo you know why your customer’s don’t buy from you? The reason has nothing to do with the competitor down the street and has little to do with big brands with cool new products. The real reason may surprise you.

Ken Allred, CEO of Primary Intelligence, specializes in what’s called “win-loss analysis”—that is, they analyze why sales opportunities are won or lost. Every year, Primary Intelligence interviews thousands of buyers about their purchase decisions—the sum of which typically totals more than $2 billion. Primary Intelligence did a discovery (more…)

Words Matter – Make What You Say Pay!

Words MatterUnexpected Brilliance

I had a surprising online experience recently that just stopped me in my tracks. First, I thought it was funny. Then, I realized it was brilliant.

I was having problems with some email software that I pay for and, like many of us, found the FAQs in the Help section to be totally useless.  So, I selected the Contact Us option and dutifully filled in my name, email, and complaint. Then, came the surprise. (more…)

Edible Elephants and Massive Sales Results

Massive Sales ResultsUgh! Another day…another dollar??

You’re a sales pro. You are supposed to have this down cold.

Let’s not kid ourselves though, no matter how many power-point presentations you see, no matter how many motivational quotes you read, sometimes you just feel.


Yeah. I said it. (Well, I wrote it anyway.) (more…)

Prospects are People Too!

Prospects are people tooWhat’s another word for a decision maker in a sales situation? It is a prospect, a lead or a potential client, etc. These are all names we use to describe those we want to buy from us. However, something is missing from these words.  It’s the human element.  We need to remember these are people. They have hopes, dreams and goals. They do their jobs for specific reasons.

Sally is someone I know who is a Vice President at a Fortune 500 company. She has five people working for her and she alone (more…)

Creating a Culture of Success From the Inside Out

Culture of SuccessCan we talk?

I need to be brutally honest with you here. I think you may not, in fact, like what I am going to say. It is something that no one wants to face. You know how you have been struggling to meet your sales goals?

Do you know why? It is not because of your team. Your people are not to blame. The territory is not too big. The market is not too saturated. It’s not your competition either. The sales gods are not spitting on your metrics or pointing your customers towards other companies. (more…)

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