We lost a champion in the B2B Sales Community recently. Her name was Barbara Giamanco and in addition to being a colleague, she was a good and loyal friend of mine. Barb passed away on May 17, 2020, at home in her sleep.

I’d like to share some of her accomplishments (Deb Calvert posted her official obituary HERE). For now, here are highlights of her long-running career.

Among her many professional accomplishments, Barb:

sold over $1 billion in products and services

was a Sales Director with Microsoft Corp. and other technology firms

was the founder and CEO of Social Centered Selling, where she pursued her personal mission to ignite sales transformation and include more women in sales

co-authored The New Handshake, – the first book on Social Selling, published in 2010

wrote extensively for online and print media

published in the Harvard Business Review and other distinguished periodicals

hosted her award-winning podcast, Conversations with Women in Sales

blazed a trail for other women in sales, showcasing many younger women regularly and mentoring several

earned numerous professional certifications as a coach and facilitator

won several prestigious awards as a top leader and influencer

was a contributor to and an elite member of Women Sales Pros as a sales expert

was an Advisory Board Member and esteemed contributor to many organizations, including The Sales Experts Channel, Top Sales World, Tohoom, the Sales Enablement Society, Vengreso, TAG Sales Leadership Society, Creative Excellence Marketing Solutions, Women in Revenue, and NAWBO Atlanta.

Barb was a very popular speaker in person and reached even more people online through her podcasts and webinars. She was widely loved for her personality, candor, boldness, and authenticity. She was a passionate, selfless crusader who fought hard for her principles.


If you’d like to hear Barb in action, listen to her fantastic podcast series, and watch for more updates.