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Save the Date for Professional Development to Be More Clear and Influential

Save the Date for ProfessionalSales Development to Be More Clear and Influential

If you are a woman in sales, sales leadership, or in a corporate executive level role overseeing a team, mark your calendar to attend the first-ever Heroic Public Speaking / Women Sales Pros 2-day event on March 7-8, 2018 in Lambertville, NJ.

Lambertville – located an equal distance away from Newark airport and Philly airport – is where Heroic Public Speaking (HPS) Headquarters is – a brand new, state-of-the-art facility which can host up to 50 participants in a session created to advance women in their careers and to show high potential women what their capabilities are. (more…)

The Neuroscience of Effective Selling

I often tell my clients that effective selling is a combination of physiology, psychology and consultative skills. We live in the Information Age. Salespeople have access to more information on sales than ever before, with podcasts, webinars, books and workshops.

So we have to ask ourselves: With all this good information, why are we still facing some of the same challenges in sales that we did 25 years ago? 

For example, how many of you have seen a salesperson move into a product dump, even though she know she should be asking more questions, not presenting solutions? How about the salesperson that discounts too soon and too often—even after he has attended a formal negotiation-skills training course? (more…)

Is Your Sales Funnel Bloated?

Could your sales funnel benefit from a weight reduction program? Do you need to shed those ungainly suspects that are weighing you down? It’s a common dilemma. There’s a certain level of satisfaction when your sales funnel is full. However, filling your pipeline with empty and unqualified opportunities leads to an unhealthy outlook. (more…)

Fill Your Pipeline in December

Fill Your PipelineWhy spend the last two weeks of December cleaning out files when you could be filling next year’s pipeline with new business? Most business owners and salespeople believe that trying to reach prospects at year-end is pointless and instead spend time getting organized for the coming year. In doing this, they miss out on one of the best times of the year to reach decision makers live. Here’s what we’ve learned about prospecting in December… (more…)

Five Ways CEOs Screw Up the Sales Function

There are a lot of places to examine (and blame) if your company isn’t consistently achieving sales goals. The blame often goes to the sales team or sales manager; however,   I contend that missed revenue targets start at the top with the CEO.

CEOs can talk a good game about sales and growth. But if you walk through their sales department,  you will discover the basics are missing for achieving consistent and sustainable growth.  It’s not a sales department. It’s a hope and quote department. (more…)

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