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The Sales Flavoured Hero’s Journey

sales hero's ournetAll of us – whether we are in the top echelon of corporate,  manage a business unit or sell within a business, all of us, without exception, are on our own Hero’s Journey as we move from the world of a salesperson to becoming what our buyers want and that is, genuine trusted advisors. (more…)

Successfully Transition to Your New Leadership Role

new leadership roleYou have just been promoted and you are ready to get started. But where should you start to ensure you successfully transition to your new leadership role? It all seems so overwhelming. You know that everyone’s perception of you is going to be formed within your first few days in your new role. You know you are going to need to show results quickly to prove the promotion was well deserved. However, you also know it typically takes months or even a year to get your feet wet and truly understand the nuances of how things work. And you know that there is a high percentage of leaders who fail within 1 to 2 years in their new position. So, what to do? (more…)

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