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Cynthia Barnes

Founder & CEO, Barnes Sales Institute

Cynthia Barnes is passionate about helping women sales professionals reach the Top 1%. She is creating a movement by consulting with companies, holding networking, career and learning events, and providing coaching to individual saleswomen.  Her consulting company, Barnes Sales Institute works with companies whose sales teams are predominantly men, to create a culture that not only attracts women but also develops and retains them.

The organizations she has worked with have succeeded in increasing the number of women on their sales teams by an average of 64%. As someone with a successful track record in sales within a male-dominated industry, she has a keen eye for the obstacles that are keeping it that way. She founded the National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP) to create support and community to help women break through barriers and succeed exponentially in corporate sales roles. With over 12,000 members and growing, she has her finger on the pulse of women in sales. By creating professional development programs targeted specifically to women—addressing their unique obstacles while leveraging their strengths—she empowers them to reach the upper echelon of the world’s sales professionals.

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