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lori richardsonLori Richardson
President, Score More Sales
Lori speaks at associations, conferences, and sales meetings on inside sales skill mastery, prospecting, time management, building confidence, personal mastery, sales process, and sales tools. Market B2B, technology, services, distribution (Boston)

jill konrathJill Konrath
AGILE SELLING: In a world of constant change, a seller’s ability to learn quickly, think fast and rapidly adjust is their only sustainable competitive advantage.Selling to the Modern Buyer: Changing times call for new approaches. Discover how to capture and keep the attention of today’s savvy, but frazzled buyers.

trish bertuzziTrish Bertuzzi
CEO and Author of The Sales Development Playbook, The Bridge Group Inc.
Focused on unleashing the power of B2B sales and marketing. Trish shares her knowledge of emerging trends and best practices in the areas of sales development, inside sales and account based strategies. If you want to inform, motivate and arm your team with knowledge they need to go forth and conquer then Trish is the speaker to choose.

colleen stanleyColleen Stanley
President, SalesLeadership, Inc.
Intelligence For Sales Success – Soft skills that produce hard sales results
Selling to the ‘old brain’ – Creating value propositions that engage and disarm prospects

ardath albeeArdath Albee
CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist, Marketing Interactions
How to Turn Prospects into Buyers
Storytelling for Sales Enablement
Creating Progressive Engagement across the Customer Continuum

nancy bleekeNancy Bleeke
President and Chief Sales Officer, SalesProInsider, Inc.
How to Make Sales Conversations Relevant to Today’s Buyers
Navigating the Communication Jungle with Tribal Types
Hiring and Coaching Top Performers

deb calvertDeb Calvert
President People First Productivity Solutions
Deb offers keynote addresses on DISCOVER Questions™, sales productivity, and leadership connectivity

colleen francisColleen Francis
Owner, Engage Selling Solutions
Nonstop Sales Boom
In Pursuit of More
Avoiding the Sales Trap

kendra leeKendra Lee
President, KLA Group
Specialties: How to get more customers through prospect attraction: lead generation, nurturing, sales prospecting, and sales hiring. Small and midmarket (SMB) companies, IT sales new business development, engaging technical teams in selling, consulting and training.

lisa leitchLisa Leitch
Sales Strategist, Teneo Results
Offers interactive sales training workshops and keynotes to help transform traditional / transactional salespeople into successful consultative, strategic sales experts.
Lisa is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and speaks throughout Canada and the U.S.
She is the first female speaker to earn the dual designation of Certified Sales Professional with Distinction and Certified Speaker Professional designation, in North America.

lauren baileyLauren Bailey
President, Factor 8
Behind the scenes of a sales benchmark: Why some inside sales companies are winning
Recapture your stolen revenue: The Sales Leader’s guide to partnering with your training department to fixing sales onboarding
A Whole New Way to Close – Capture the first down!

joanne blackJoanne Black
President, No More Cold Calling
Big Deals and High Heels: Why Women Are Naturals at Selling
Men might still outnumber women in the upper echelons of sales, but that’s changing quickly. Success in sales is all about building and nurturing relationships. Joanne shares her own journey from a shy young woman who thought she could never sell, to a top performer in a sales career spanning more than 35 years. Learn why woman must ask for advice and step out of our comfort zones to get our voices heard.

lisa dennisLisa Dennis
President & Founder, Knowledgence Associates
Developing Value Propositions that Hook Customers
Listening for Opportunity: High-end Listening Skills for Sales Professionals
The 7 Sins of Marketing and Sales Content

melinda emersonMelinda Emerson
President, MFE Consulting, LLC
Social Media Selling
How to Become a Social Media Ninja
How to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan

barbara giamancoBarbara Giamanco
CEO, Social Centered Selling LLC
Connect. Collaborate. Close! A Social Selling Framework
Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy
Get LinkedIn Not Locked Out

gretchen gordonGretchen Gordon
Founder, Braveheart Sales Performance
How to Upgrade Your Sales Team
Most Sales Management is Lame. What Can You Do About It?
What’s the Right Sales DNA for Your Company?

Julie HansenJulie Hansen
Founder, Performance Sales and Training
Julie Hansen
Gain the Performer’s Edge with Acting for Sales
Oscar Worthy Sales Presentations
Storytelling that Sells

Jill HarringtonJill Harrington
President, salesSHIFT
Is Your Sales Approach in Need of a Shake Up?
Position You to Win!
I Hate Cold Calling and I Don’t Want to Do it Anymore!

Alice HeimanAlice Heiman
Pesident & Chief Sales Officer, Alice Heiman, LLC
Connecting your Way to New Business
The BizTalk Blender: The Ultimate Networking Event
Making Minutes! How to Make More Time for Sales

Connie KadanskyConnie Kadansky
Founder, Exceptional Sales Performance
ConnieKadansky is the President of Exceptional Sales Performance, an international sales training and coaching practice. She is a recognized expert in identifying and eliminating Sales Call Reluctance. She facilitates the world-renowned Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop. Connie is a professional member of National Speakers Association.She facilitated public speaking training for the Women in Parliament in Rwanda through a French interpreter and sales training for Rwandan entrepreneurs.

Alice KemperAlice Kemper
President, Sales Training Consultants, Inc.
Tribal Speak Your Way from Prospect to Contract
3 Leadership Tips to Meet Sales Quotas Consistently
Innovative Ideas in 15 Minutes
Plus a variety of interactive sales skill building breakout sessions

Carole MahoneyCarole Mahoney
Coach & Consultant, Carole Mahoney LLC
Carole focuses on buyer persona profiles (Identifying your perfect buyer), sales, marketing, and service alignment, and lead generation. She also speaks on productive sales conversations and meetings, including how to start a conversation, presenting to win, and objection handling.

Bernadette McClellandBernadette Mcclelland
Founder, Bernadette McClelland Consulting
conVALUsations: Conscious Selling Through Value Driven Conversations
BELIEF-ablity: The Practice of Self Belief
LeaderEdge: Edgy Conversations that Inspire Greatness in Others

Anne MillerAnne Miller
Sales & Presentation Specialist, Chiron Associates, Inc.
Selling Style: Power or Pitfall?
Brain Candy: The Key to Opening Minds, Closing Deals, and Creating Change

Jeanette Nyden, J.D.Jeanette Nyden, J.D.
President, J. Nyden & Co., Inc.
Jeanette Nyden empowers account executives to maximize key customer relationships by providing tactical, customized contract negotiation coaching from the planning phase through to execution. She is an internationally recognized negotiation expert who has travelled extensively to share her expertise on negotiating highly collaborative customer/supplier relationships. Jeanette has written three books on the topic including Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships, the Vested Outsourcing Manual and Negotiation Rules.

Suzanne PalingSuzanne Paling
Principal, Sales Management Services
Four Steps to Hiring the Right Salesperson
Top 3 High Impact Sales Management Initiatives
The 3 Most Important Sales Management Reports

laura PoseyLaura Posey
Small Business Growth Expert, Dancing Elephants Achievement Group
How to Plan Your Entire Year on One Sheet of Paper
How to Hit Every Goal, Every Time
How to Hire the Right Salesperson the First Time

Babette Ten HakenBabette Ten Haken
Founder & President, Sales Aerobics for Engineers, LLC
Babette Ten Haken
Selling to Technical Decision Makers
Getting the Elephant (and Your Status Quo) Out of the Room
Telling Your Story, Funding Your Startup

Viveka von RosenViveka von Rosen
CEO, LinkedIn To Business
From Auckland, New Zealand to Vancouver, Canada (and just about everywhere else in between) Viveka has been on stage educating and entertaining audiences about the power and potential of LinkedIn. Author of the best-selling “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day,” Viveka has been listed as a Top Social Media Influencer in Forbes for the past 4 years and a Top 25 Social Media Expert by LinkedIn.

Barbara Weaver SmithBarbara Weaver Smith
Founder & CEO, The Whale Hunters, Inc.
Barbara speaks on Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company–a systematic process to grow your B2B business by doing bigger deals with bigger customers.
Her company’s target audience is entrepreneurs, sales VPs, and sales teams. There are topic versions from 45 minutes to 3-hour or 6-hour workshops.
For female entrepreneurs and executives, her special topics are Whale Hunting Women and Women’s Advantage in the 21st Century. All topics are also available for remote delivery.

heather r morganHeather R Morgan
CEO, SalesFolk
Heather helps B2B companies humanize their cold emails and get more response rates from qualified leads through benefit-driven messages. She leverages data science, game theory and A-B testing to create scalable email campaigns that can be sent to thousands of peoples while still feeling like personal one-on-one messages.

jane GentryJane Gentry
President, JaneGentry & Company
Audiences worldwide have described Jane as ‘A woman with a vision’ and ‘With a realistic point of view and a no-nonsense approach’. Jane speaks to sales/strategic account organizations and their leaders about the shifting sands in sales. Topics include: Requiem for Solution Selling: Elevating your Conversation to Value, Become Invaluable to Your Most Important Customers, Curing B2B Myopia: What You Must Do Now to Engage Your Customers and Are You the Solution that Uniquely Meets the Client’s Needs? You Can Be!

elinor stutzElinor Stutz
CEO, Smooth Sale
Two visions came to Elinor while laying on a stretcher with a broken neck. Fervently vowing to become a speaker to inspire audiences globally and empower communities gave her the fortitude to tell the surgeon that paralysis wasn’t an option.. Deemed a walking miracle, Stutz inspires audiences with her personal story and best approach to business dynamics. Stutz’ story and best insights receive standing ovations each and every time.

Shawn Karol SandyShawn Karol Sandy
Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, The Selling Agency
A “Kick in the Pants” speaker, Shawn reaches audiences through pragmatic perspectives, truthful humor and relevant examples. She speaks to business owners and sales professionals that are interested in shaking up the status quo. Her in depth experience in small business and selling to small business creates insights that compel listeners with strategic and applicable calls to action. Topics include -Understanding Customers’ Currency, Building Competitive Differentiation, Creating Selling Organizations.

Shari Levitin is a dynamic and sought after speaker. She has performed keynotes and seminars in India, France, Spain, England, Argentina, Mexico, and more. Shari’s highly interactive speeches, workshops, and courses will both motivate and instruct your sales team to dramatically increase sales while maintaining a consumer-centric approach to selling.

Chief Door Opener Kopp Consulting
Caryn speaks from experience and provides practical, actionable information needed to immediately accelerate sales results, shorten sales cycles and uncover roadblocks preventing companies from achieving next level results. Audiences love Caryn’s interactive exercises which get everyone on their feet and laughing while having breakthrough learning moments. Caryn brings the valuable piece of “what to do next” even though there may be many people who are at different levels./div>