We collect links to blog posts and articles that help educate and enlighten company leaders on the topics of finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining great women in sales and especially sales leadership. This is the year we will see the needle move because more and more leaders are open to actions that cause change.

Recently I was interviewed in Training Industry and the resulting article has fantastic insights from colleagues Jill Konrath (Best Selling Sales Author) , Victoria Koval (Gartner), and others.

Writer Taryn Oesch starts with the gender gap in professional sales, and then asks what the solution is. This is a great read for anyone in company leadership or leading the sales team who are interested in more gender diversity.

Whether you are in learning and development, HR, or somewhere in the C-suite, these articles and others we will be sharing focus on specific ideas for change.

How Learning and Development Can Help Close the Gender Gap in Sales

While I was on their site, I also saw a helpful article Five Leadership Skills Women Can Use to Improve Their Company’s Bottom Line.

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