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Now is the time to increase the number of women sellers and sales leaders in B2B companies

It starts with inspiring LEADERSHIP to create a more equitable CULTURE that values collaborative problem solving and communication focused on the needs of the buyer.

We believe that women can make great sellers and top leaders. We see no reason to continue with only 13-18% of VP sales and above being women. Why not 50-50?

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Uniting Women in Sales since 2015.

WPS acts as hub for champions of change in B2B sales culture. Working together we develop and promote programs to create a bigger impact

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Our mission is to support businesses to recruit, hire and promote more women into sales and leaderchip roles.

We empower women to grow  their competence in selling by:

  1. Inspiring people with engaging educational opportunities.
  2. Modeling success for women in the B2B selling profession.
  3. Promoting win/win partnership and sales team diversity.
  4. Driving revenue & industry forward with breakthrough results.

Learn leadership skills, network, and gain tips to grow revenues with some of the top leaders in sales

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