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Lynn Hidy

Lynn Hidy

Founder, UpYourTeleSales

In a world where last quarter’s results are how a team is judged, the fact that 42% of sales reps are not hitting their number is frightening.

Without consistent prospect conversion, no organization can hit their revenue numbers. Sales reps grapple with the reality that it is increasingly difficult to capture new customers who don’t have the brainpower, time, or money to consider new vendors. Without seeing a clear difference from their current supplier, skeptical prospects ask why change?

Quota attainment hinges on resetting both the prospects’ perceptions and their buying behavior. With your product and service information readily available on the internet, salespeople who only talk about your company are seen as time wasters.

UpYourTeleSales will train your team to turn product knowledge into problem knowledge – transforming sales conversations to valuable buyer-focused discussions. We teach your team two critical skills: where in the buying process to insert themselves, and how to motivate buyers to change.