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Kristie Jones

Kristie Jones

Principal – Sales Acceleration Group

Kristie founded Sales Acceleration Group in 2016 after spending 16 years helping private SaaS companies grow to reach new revenue levels as a Sales Management Executive.

Kristie is the go-to expert in the Midwest to help SaaS Start-ups build and scale their Sales and Customer Success teams. Her 19+ years in the SaaS space drives her ability to help boot-strapped or VE/PE funded founders increase revenue and retain customers.

Her willingness to “get her hands dirty” and “take no prisoners” approach when helping companies with everything from evaluating, purchasing, and implementing sales enablement tools; to hiring, on-boarding and training new hires is what makes her so valuable to her clients.

Areas of expertise:

  • Sales Training and Call Coaching
  • Hiring and on-boarding SDRs, Account Executives and Customer Success Managers
  • Goal setting and compensation plans tied to those goals
  • Sales Process
  • Selection and Implementation of sales enablement tools