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Zeena Kuraisha

CEO, Head of Corporate & Academic Solutions at Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy Pte. Ltd

Zeenath Kuraisha, with more than 20 years of experience, provides inside sales advisory services from start-ups to enterprises. Her services include setting up to streamlining sales processes, help companies ramp their GTM efforts through sales enablement, creating and implementing global and regional demand generation and sales programs, help companies with sales enablement and implement solid sales cadence, practices and governance.

She is in also in mission to mint ethical, customer focused sales & marketing professionals for the Industry focusing on practical industry ready courses, training programs where candidates can also acquire professional standards through global certifications. APAC SMA now offers full sales & marketing Certifications, academically recognized diplomas and degree certifications and is an Assessing and Accrediting body for acquired and prior learning knowledge for the global associations.

Zeenath has worked with global renowned brands like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Google, Apple, NetApp and many others.

Zeenath is the:

  • CEO, Head of Corporate & Academic Solutions at Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy Pte. Ltd
  • Founding Chapter President, Mentor, Authorized Delivery Partner and Assessment Partner for the AA-ISP Global Inside Sales Association
  • Founding Fellow and First APAC Recognized Education Partner for Association for Professional Sales UK [APS],
  • Authorized Partner for Digital Marketing Institute for APAC,
  • Singapore nationally appointed program partner for sales transformation building and converting traditional sales folks with inside sales and digital sales skills,
  • Part of the Women Sales Pro, a globally elite women sales professional team.

Zeena is available for speaking engagements, consulting, training engagements in the areas of Customer Experience, Entrepreneurship, Demand Generation and Sales from the Eyes of the Customer. At a personal level, she mentors and speaks on overcoming challenges and barriers in life, coping with loss and achieving success against odd for women and teens.