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Jamie Diglio

Jaime Diglio

CEO, inFirst Consulting

You don’t have a revenue problem; you have an engagement problem.

Meet Jaime, TEDx speaker, team trainer and leadership coach specializing in breaking down the silos in your organization to drive team performance.

With a focus on building stronger leaders and uniting isolated teams, she delivers immersive experiences that get your teams talking again, removing the invisible barriers that turn islands of individuals into a unified force.

With her 20 years of sales leadership experience at Gartner, Microsoft and Slalom, Jaime understands the most common problems you have as a leader of a team. Drawing from her experiences, she created her signature WIN Room programs to take your teams from stuck, competing against each other to all in, driving sales faster, together.

To understand what it’s like to work with Jaime, think Moneyball methods mixed with Ted Lasso leadership and add in 1 cup Adam Grant and 2 cups Brene Brown.

Jaime’s unique background combined with her down-to-earth approach will make your team hit the mark, every time.  She is available for virtual and live keynotes, SKO workshops and advisory engagements. Check out her recent TEDx here: From WAR Room to WIN Room