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Words Matter – Make What You Say Pay!

Unexpected Brilliance I had a surprising online experience recently that just stopped me in my tracks. First, I thought it was funny. Then, I realized

Edible Elephants and Massive Sales Results

Ugh! Another day…another dollar?? You’re a sales pro. You are supposed to have this down cold. Let’s not kid ourselves though, no matter how many

Prospects are People Too!

What’s another word for a decision maker in a sales situation? It is a prospect, a lead or a potential client, etc. These are all

5 Success Strategies for Women in Sales

Women are darn good at sales. We’re hardwired to be nurturers, connectors, and collaborators. We see the complexities in deals and dig deep to find

The Experience Factor in Sales

I believe that creating experiences that knock buyer’s socks off, at every touch point in the buying and customer lifecycle, is how you win! Let

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