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About Sponsorship Opportunities

About Sponsorship Opportunities

This community was founded originally as Sales Shebang® by Jill Konrath in 2007 as an online community to help showcase women B2B sales experts and help women in sales and marketing gain knowledge and skills. The name was changed to WomenSalesPros® in 2015.  The mission of WomenSalesPros® is two-fold:

Online showcase of the top women B2B sales experts in the world. These experts all have high integrity and comply with a code of ethics. From a knowledge standpoint, they are leaders in their fields. Many have been recognized as Top Sales Influencers, and our combined total reach is in the millions and millions of impressions. We offer a direct link right to each expert’s website. Through our speaking, writing, and consulting projects we have inspired many women in our audiences worldwide to embrace sales and to strive to reach the top of their careers. In our own ways we are impacting the world of business with our no-nonsense approach to selling, collaborating, and success.

Knowledge source for anyone in a sales career. Our expert’s blog and assets on the website help newer and even seasoned sales reps (male or female) grow revenues and increase sales velocity with tried and true ideas. Many experts are blazing a path in the sales world and we offer as many ideas for leaders as individual contributors.

We seek sponsors who agree that we need more strong female sales leaders and individual contributors in B2B professional sales – and that having a single place to go to find sales knowledge, tips and ideas to boost sales is a great idea.

Sponsorship is available on the WomenSalesPros® website, for our Virtual events, and at our annual live events.

If you are a technology brand, sales tool company, marketing agency, or other organization who is interested in hearing more, please contact WomenSalesPros® President Lori Richardson direct at (978) 595-2045 or email lori@womensalespros.com

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