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Top 65 Influential Women in Business

We at WOMEN Sales Pros are honored to have so many in our group listed in Tenfold’s new list of the Top 65 Influential Women in Business! Those on the list were measured for their reach through “True Reach” devised by Klear.

Please congratulate:

Elinor Stutz

Heather Morgan

Jill Konrath

Lori Richardson (that’s me)

Trish Bertuzzi

Barb Giamanco

Kendra Lee

Deb Calvert

Watch for the re-launch of the WOMEN Sales Pros website and in the meantime, follow us on Twitter at @WOMENSalesPros.

Lori Richardson writes about ways to get more women into sales and sales leadership. Find her at Score More Sales and WOMEN Sales Pros.


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