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Stop Selling and Solve the Business Problem

If you are simply selling the features and functions of your products and services, then you are not solving the client’s business problem. Not only

Sales Leader Interview Bridget Gleason

Bridget Gleason is VP, Corporate Sales at Sumo Logic since July 2015, formerly VP Sales at Yesware and with sales leadership positions at Engine Yard.

Your #1 Sales Tool

Face it. When you engage with a new prospect there’s a 90% chance that they won’t need you right at that moment.

How To Prepare For Client Meetings

Many times, we are so focused on setting an agenda and preparing for a client meeting, call or presentation, that we forget to either think

Agendas Are Not Messages

Presenters frequently mistake an agenda for a message, which is a big mistake. Why?

Sales Leader Interview with MJ McCarthy

This week we talk with MJ McCarthy, VP Account Management at Everbridge. MJ has led sales roles for the last 7 years. She offers insight

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