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How To Get Highly Qualified Referrals From 8 Out Of 10 People… Without Asking For Them


get qualified referralsLet’s be honest about networking.

We all know that it should be a great way to get referrals and new business, right?

Unfortunately, most of the time you just end up with tired feet and a handful of cards from the salespeople you met who want to sell something to you.

But what if you could get highly qualified referrals from 8 out of every 10 people you meet at any event?

Using a Positioning Statement to answer the classic business question will do just that.

“What do you do” is the classic business question.

Whether at a formal business networking event, a cocktail party or even your kid’s soccer game, that question almost always comes up between two people meet for the first time.

How you answer that question will either attract sales or repel them.

The old way of answering, “What do you do?” is to either 1) throw your ‘elevator pitch’ at them or 2) simply tell them your job title and smile sweetly.

Both of these responses actually prevent referrals. The elevator pitch turns people off and puts you in the “typical salesperson” file in the listener’s mind.

Telling someone your job title is even worse. It files you permanently in a deadly place in your listener’s mind – in a folder with all of your competitors!

Using The Positioning Statement is different. It is a way to generate consistent referrals from anyone, anywhere with just a single sentence.

It works because it tells your listener who your clients are and what results you get for them. Its purpose is to get you an appointment or a referral and to file you permanently in the right folder.

The format is very simple:

I work with (insert your Bull’s Eye Market) to do (insert the results you get for them).

For example, “I work with HR Managers to reduce their employee turnover by 25% or more”

The power of the Positioning Statement is that it gets your listener to tap into a mental file with your best prospects, not your competitors!

Because the Positioning Statement starts by stating whom you work with – your Bull’s Eye Market (your very best customers’ job title or industry) – your listener mentally files you there.

And, of course, while they are filing you, they are looking to see who else is in the folder that you might know.

BOOM! You just got a qualified referral.

That’s the power of a killer positioning statement.

Not only do you get referrals right away but also you are also permanently filed with your very best prospects in someone else’s mind.

Even after you have moved on to someone else, your listener will always associate you with your best clients. Later, when they meet someone in your Bull’s Eye Market, they will be able to refer you.

The power of The Positioning Statement lasts forever.

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So, what do you do?

Laura PoseyLaura Posey is Chief Instigator of Simple Success Plans. You can check out her work and download free sales-building tools at

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