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Why Retrospectives Are the Sales Secret Sauce

Maximizing Your Success: The Power of Retrospectives after a Big Win Congratulations! You’ve just secured a major enterprise sale, and the contract is signed with


(This post was jointly created by Lisa Magnuson and Julie Hansen – big thanks to both for the submission)  When you really think about the

How to Avoid The Stall

How to Avoid ‘The Stall’

Statistics indicate that most ‘stalls’ and ‘stops’ in the sales process are associated with a lack of rigor during the qualify stage. Many sellers also

Want a 5x Big Deal

Want a 5X Deal this Year?

Salespeople who are trying to identify, develop and close big deals right now are facing unprecedented challenges.  They include: Prospects are distracted, hard to reach and hesitant to set meetings

Sales Leaders Playbook VP

Why 97% of Sales Leaders Want a Playbook

What is a Sales Leader Playbook? Is a Sales Leader Playbook the same as a Sales Playbook?  The short answer is ‘No!’  A sales leader

Epic Sales Presentation Failures

When I say sales presentation, I don’t just mean any sales presentation.  This is the big one.  Maybe you’re one of three finalists for a

Finally a Rule to Improve Sales Velocity

The 48-Hour Rule™ Did you know that your prospects and customers are evaluating you (and your organization) with every interaction? They’re asking themselves the following

Top Line Tips

It’s Sales Kick Off (SKO) Season…Again (Must read for those on the SKO planning team!) It’s sales kick off season again and you want a

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