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Meshell Baker

Meshell R Baker

Meshell R Baker is an award winning, International Keynote Speaker. She is helping change the way the world embraces confidence.

Lynn Hidy

Lynn Hidy

In a world where last quarter’s results are how a team is judged, the fact that 42% of sales reps are not hitting their number is

Lisa Dennis

Lisa Dennis

Lisa Dennis is president of Value and Knowledgence Associates, an international B2B marketing and sales consultant, writer and strategist. Working with companies like Microsoft,

Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen

Improve win rates and close deals faster with a sales presentation or demo that inspires your buyer to take the leap! Performance Sales and Training helps

Lori Richardson President WOMEN Sales Pros

Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson runs the sales strategy firm Score More Sales where they help company leaders in SaaS, tech, telecom, manufacturing, distribution, financial services and professional

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