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Take Off Your Rose Colored Glasses

So many firms have issues with sales forecasting in terms of ensuring it’s predictable and accurate. Forecasting accuracy can easily be managed, but it’s so

Turn Performances Into Conversations

It is an occupational hazard to fall into a monologue during a presentation. The danger is that unengaged listeners rarely become buyers.

Trust Trumps Technology

A sales executive at a leading marketing automation company surprised the heck out of me when I asked him about the advantages of technology for

When Leadership Mimics The Right Behaviors

Everyone knows that any organizational change must happen from the top down to be successful. Yet, so many change initiatives fail. First, everyone knows that

Stop Selling and Solve the Business Problem

If you are simply selling the features and functions of your products and services, then you are not solving the client’s business problem. Not only

Sales Leader Interview Bridget Gleason

Bridget Gleason is VP, Corporate Sales at Sumo Logic since July 2015, formerly VP Sales at Yesware and with sales leadership positions at Engine Yard.

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