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Turn Performances Into Conversations


turn performances into conversationsIt is an occupational hazard to fall into a monologue during a presentation. The danger is that unengaged listeners rarely become buyers.

Solution: “ABE” – Always Be Engaging. Here are three of at least ten ways to engage:

  • Set engagement expectations upfront for a discussion, not a performance.  After you state your agenda, add in words to the effect, “Since I want to make the best use of your time, we can discuss the elements of the proposed design as we go through each of them.”
  • Follow through on that expectation. After each block of information, invite their thoughts, reactions, input, or perceived application of what you are describing to their situation.
  • Let them choose. In many of your presentations, you often offer or explain a list of options, Instead of you selecting the order in which you talk about these, ask your listeners to scan the list quickly and choose the one they would like to hear about first.  Then, you know you are talking about what they are really interested in. If you are smart, you will also open a discussion as to why they chose that item and likely learn lots more that can further align you

Performances are tough, but conversations are easy and they lead to more business more quickly. Avoid the former and work on the latter for greater success.

Anne Miller

Anne-Miller2.jpgFor 25+ years Anne Miller has been the go-to lady for demo and presentation coaching and training. She has worked with CEOs for IPOs down to junior hires at tech firms and with every function and level in between, particularly in media, digital, financial, technical, and professional service industries.

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