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Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #9

Julie Hansen – Elevate Your Influence with Virtual Executive Presence Executive presence, the ability to inspire, influence and empower others is a vital sales and

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #8

Meshell Baker – Becoming A Resilient Rejection Proof Seller This session encourages sellers to develop resilience, treat rejections as opportunities for growth, and focus on

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #7

Marni Heinz – How to Deliver an Effective Intro Story (Elevator Pitch) In B2B sales, how you interact with the buyer can make or break

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #6

Karen Kelly – 3 Tips to Lead Effective Meetings As September approaches, we start getting the back to school feeling again. The need to re-set,

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #5

Tish Times – Follow-Up Like a Boss New connections are customers waiting to be converted. In this strategy-focused presentation, participants will learn the proven methods

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #4

Lynn Hidy – BURSTFocus® stop failing at multitasking The research shows that attempting to multitask actually COSTS you time rather than saving it. In a

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #3

Wesleyne – The Art and Science in Questioning in Sales Master the art of asking insightful questions and employing active listening techniques, such as paraphrasing

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #2

Kristie Jones – Stalled is Not a Sales Stage Too often, the prospect takes over control of the sales process and all communication ends up

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #1

Leslie Venetz – Time ManagementDiscover effective time management strategies as Leslie shares her journey from overwhelming multitasking to running a successful business while working four

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