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Sales Podcasts Hosted by Women

Here is our latest list of podcasts about B2B sales / GTM / revenue Hosted (or Co-Hosted) by women. It is a snapshot in time,

2024 WSP Communities

2024 Top Women in Sales Communities

When we launched Women Sales Pros in 2015 there were no other “women in sales” communities. I’m so happy to present the most active, top,

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #9

Julie Hansen – Elevate Your Influence with Virtual Executive Presence Executive presence, the ability to inspire, influence and empower others is a vital sales and

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #8

Meshell Baker – Becoming A Resilient Rejection Proof Seller This session encourages sellers to develop resilience, treat rejections as opportunities for growth, and focus on

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #7

Marni Heinz – How to Deliver an Effective Intro Story (Elevator Pitch) In B2B sales, how you interact with the buyer can make or break

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #6

Karen Kelly – 3 Tips to Lead Effective Meetings As September approaches, we start getting the back to school feeling again. The need to re-set,

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #5

Tish Times – Follow-Up Like a Boss New connections are customers waiting to be converted. In this strategy-focused presentation, participants will learn the proven methods

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #4

Lynn Hidy – BURSTFocus® stop failing at multitasking The research shows that attempting to multitask actually COSTS you time rather than saving it. In a

Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #3

Wesleyne – The Art and Science in Questioning in Sales Master the art of asking insightful questions and employing active listening techniques, such as paraphrasing

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