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Featured Woman in Sales Changemaker Alexine Mudawar


We are starting a series asking women who are helping in big ways to make sales more inclusive a number of questions so you can get to know them better. We begin with:

Alexine Mudawar

CEO, Women in Sales

The photo is of her with her parents.

Alexine left sales roles in SaaS in 2022 to launch a vibrant and rapidly growing community, Women in Sales – to help make a change in our B2B sales world. We bet she will be successful with all that she creates here!

AM: Women in Sales provides a large global meeting space for women (regardless of career level) to connect, share learnings, voice challenges, and brainstorm solutions. We provide educational resources, events, and programs focused on supporting women throughout their career- with the goal of seeing women continue their careers in sales and ultimately be promoted into leadership roles. I personally feel that our community acts as an external Employee Resource Group- allowing women to have a space outside of their own organization and get to know peers they wouldn't normally have connected with. We offer memberships completely free of charge to remove any financial barriers for our members.

AM: Communities play a crucial role in the overall sales ecosystem. On a daily basis, purchasing decisions and important conversations are happening within communities. People want to have places where they can connect with others who may be facing similar challenges and can understand their experiences. Women in Sales provides a safe space to thousands of women where they can show up as themselves, ask tough questions, and not be afraid of being judged. Some women in our community are the only woman on their entire team, so our community may be one of the only places they can spend time with other female sellers.

AM: “The Women in Sales community has empowered me and given me so much confidence in my role. It can be intimidating being 1 of only 3 women on my sales team, but the advice I’ve gotten & connections I’ve made with Women in Sales has made it so much easier for me to grow and thrive. Everyone in this community is so uplifting and genuinely cares about each other’s success.” -Nicki Matchett

“The Women in Sales community has provided me with a valuable platform to connect with accomplished professionals, fostering meaningful networking opportunities. The diverse perspectives shared within the community have broadened my understanding of sales strategies and enhanced my leadership skills. Additionally, it has been instrumental in identifying potential teammates who bring unique strengths and experiences to complement our sales team.” -DeAndreya Searight

“Women In Sales is not just a place; it’s a home where ideas flourish and genuine connections blossom. Being a part of this close-knit & vibrant group has been transformative since being a member. I am grateful to be a part of this empowering community that makes a difference.” – Stanilla Joseph

AM: 5/21-5/24 we're hosting the very first event of its kind: The Women in Sales Castle Retreat in California! We're so excited to welcome all of our guests and hope to host more events like this one down the road!

Women in Sales offers membership to thousands of women completely free of charge. This is made possible by the amazing companies who partner with us and sponsor our community. We are incredibly grateful to each one of our partner companies!

Here's a testimonial from DocuSign about why they chose to partner with Women in Sales:

Partnering with Women in Sales is crucial for DocuSign as it enables the company to tap into a diverse talent pool and foster gender diversity within its sales team. By collaborating with Women in Sales, DocuSign can access a network of highly skilled and talented female professionals who bring unique perspectives, experiences, and skill sets to the table. This partnership not only helps DocuSign attract top female sales talent but also promotes an inclusive workplace culture where women feel valued, supported, and empowered to excel.” -Rodney Tabares

Learn more about Women in Sales here.

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