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Sales Podcasts Hosted by Women


Here is our latest list of podcasts about B2B sales / GTM / revenue Hosted (or Co-Hosted) by women. It is a snapshot in time, because new ones are launching and we'll be adding them. We want to offer current programming for B2B. There are literally hundreds of podcasts for entrepreneurs, startups, and solopreneurs – those podcasts are not for this list. Our list is enrichment to the common list that guys post on LinkedIn when they ask other folks for “good sales podcasts” If we are missing one, please let me know and we'll add it.

Check them out, share them, and do a couple of things –

  1. If you listen to an episode and gain value, mention on LinkedIn or in a Slack channel because most likely the word hasn't really gotten out about it.
  2. If you listen via iTunes, give the episode a 5 star review and post a comment – it is really important because more active podcasts get more visibility.
  3. If you know of someone I should interview for the “Conversations with Women in Sales” podcast, please let me know. We are looking for women in sales roles currently, or great male allies, and generally success stories when a woman gets into sales from another career and thrives.

Lori Richardson ~ Conversations with Women in Sales
Alice Heiman ~ Sales Talk for CEOs
Amy Hrehovcik ~ Revenue Real Podcast
Beate Chelette ~ The Business Growth Architect Show
Becc Holland (co-host) ~ Sales: Top to Bottom
Brynne Tillman (co-host) ~ Making Sales Social
Carly Lehner & Malvina El-Sayegh ~ The Enablement Brew
Celeste Burke ~ The Sales Edge Podcast
Charlotte Lloyd ~ Simply Sales & Marketing
Christina Brady ~ Taking the Lead
Colleen Stanley ~ Sales Leadership Awakening
Connie Whitman ~ Changing the Sales Game
Corrina Owens (co-host) ~ Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast
Diane Helbig ~ Accelerate Your Business Growth
Elizabeth Frederick ~ Let's Talk Sales
Finka Jerkovic ~ The Transformational Selling Podcast
Gina Stracuzzi ~ Sales Game Changers Podcast – hosts Women in Sales episodes
Gwen Krilova ~ Women Selling with Confidence
Harriet Mellor ~ Sell Like You
Jane Serra ~ Women in B2B Marketing
Janice B Gordon ~ Scale Your Sales
Jeanette Nyden ~ Nyden on Negotiations
Jen Allen ~ Winning the Challenger Sale
Jenna Sacks ~ Hey Salespeople!
Jesse Shipman ~ Sell[ing] Together
Jessie Lizak ~ Whiskey Wins Day
Juliana Stancampiano ~ Radical Outcomes
Juliana Stancampiano ~ Radical Perspectives
Kay Miller ~ Uncopyable Women in Sales
Kayla Hodges ~ Closing Deals in Heels
Karen Kelly ~ K2 Sales

Kristi Faltorusso ~ She's So Suite
Leslie Greenwood ~ People Powered Community
Lisa Schnare (co-host) ~ B2B Revenue Executive Experience
Loy Day, Macy McNeely & Kathryn Shubert ~ School of Sales
Lynn Whitbeck ~ Claim Your Career Crown
Mafalda Johannsen ~ Sales Training Deadly Sins
Mafalda Johannsen ~ A Day in the Life of a Buyer Persona
Margaret Henney (co-host) ~ Sales Unscripted
Melinda Chen ~ Women Making Big Sales
Meridith Elliott Powell ~ Thrive
Meridith Elliott Powell (co-host) ~ Sales Logic
Nadia Milani ~ The Closing Show LIVE
Nancy Calabrese ~ Conversational Selling
Natalie Dawson ~ Building Billions
Nikki Rausch ~ Sales Maven
Pritha Dubey ~ Seller's Lounge
Roshni Baronia ~ Ace the Sales (India)
Thilaga Kumar ~ Sell Like Her
Tiffani Bova ~ What's Next with Tiffani Bova
Wendy Weiss ~ Salesology
Women in Revenue ~ Resilient Revenue

The following are currently inactive podcasts with great content.

Chitra Singh ~ ShineIn Sales
Christine Schlonski ~ Heart Sells!
Colleen Manning ~ Sales Strong
Cynthia Barnes ~ Unstoppable with Cynthia Barnes
Ehrin Weiss ~ PsycheandSales
Galem Girmay ~ What is Your Legacy?
Heidi Solomon-Orlick ~ Girlz Who Sell
Kushal Saini Kakkar & Wingman ~ On the Flipside
Lynn Whitbeck & Gabby Scott ~ Future Forward Sales
Mary Shea (co-host) ~ Revenue Innovators
Marylou Tyler ~ Predictable Prospecting Podcast
Sarah Downs ~ Sales Insights with Sarah
Susan McVea ~ Master the Sales Game
Tamara Bunte ~ Mastering Sales

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