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Leadership Tips Part 4

Although we are at the end of #WomensHistoryMonth, Women Sales Pros will continue to promote our experts so you can learn more about them. Watch for

Leadership Tips Part 3

We continue our series of posts from our Women Sales Pros – Sales Experts – with Karen Kelly, Tish Times, and Shawn Karol Sandy. Share

Leadership Tips Part 2

We continue our series of posts from our Women Sales Pros – Sales Experts – with Lisa Magnuson, Liz Heiman, and Meshell Baker. Share your

Leadership Tips Part 1

Here at the end of Women’s History month, we are recognizing our Women Sales Pros – Sales Experts – a few at a time, in

Women In Sales Groups 2022

A Time When We Need Each Other

There is no question that companies are in various stages of struggle – employee retention being at the top of the list- and the splintering

Barb Giamanco - Gone but not forgotten

Barbara Giamanco – a Women in Sales Champion Gone but Not Forgotten

We lost a champion in the B2B Sales Community recently. Her name was Barbara Giamanco and in addition to being a colleague, she was a friend of mine. Barb passed away on May 17, 2020, at home in her sleep.

I’d like to share some of her accomplishments (we’ll share her obituary link here once it is secured). For now, here are highlights of her long-running career.

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