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Top 33 Sales Podcasts Hosted or Co-Hosted by Women


This post was created because the last four or five “TOP” sales podcast lists that I saw had one or two podcasts with female hosts (or co-hosts). Often, one of the podcasts listed is the one I host, called Conversations with Women in Sales – thanks to the job its creator, Barb Giamanco did back in 2018 and 2019, building a quality podcast. Barb even won “Top Podcast” award with Top Sales World in 2019. Alas, we lost Barb in May of 2020, and I inherited an award-winning podcast. We work hard today to keep a high standard, but when I started doing research for MORE sales podcasts created and / or led by a woman instead of all the many male-led podcasts, well, I was surprised.

Surprised because I found MORE than 33 – these are the top ones I found. I’m sure there are more I’m not aware of, so please, if you know of one that currently posts episodes, and is about B2B selling please let me know so we can make a bigger list.

Note: There are a LOT of podcasts – millions. I could have added podcasts about communication, or negotiation, or psychology, or entrepreneurship, or selling as an entrepreneur – created and led by awesome women — but this is a narrow niche of business-to-business selling of technology, SaaS, manufacturing, distribution, financial services, utilities, telecom, medical / medical devices, and business services. There are many other entrepreneurial podcasts, leadership podcasts, and other podcasts.

In no particular order – please check these out, share the list, and support these podcasts. These are not BETTER than the tried-and-true podcasts our male colleagues have going, but they are DIFFERENT. Change things up. If you have women on your sales team, (and I say that only half-jokingly) share some women-created sales podcasts.

How do you support a podcast? Listen, and if you enjoy it, give it a 5-star rating, and write a review! Share it with others. Reach out to the host on LinkedIn and let them know that you found them on this list! Finally, next time someone asks you on LinkedIn for your favorite sales podcast, list one of these, below – or heck, how about a link to the whole list?

Lori Richardson / Barbara Giamanco
Conversations with Women in Sales (100+ episodes)

Tiffani Bova
What's Next with Tiffani Bova (100+ episodes)

Wesleyne Greer
Snack Sized Sales

Alice Heiman
Sales Talk for CEOs (New)

Malvina EL-Sayegh (80+ episodes)
#StayHuman Sales Skills

Mary Shea (co-host)
Revenue Innovators

Nancy Carter
Sales Made Simple Podcast
The No Fluff Sales Minute

Janice B Gordon
Scale Your Sales (100+ episodes)

Jennifer Gitomer
Breakthrough Babe Podcast (61 episodes)
also co-Host, Sell or Die Podcast

Roshni Baronia
Ace the Sales (India)

Nancy Calabrese
Conversational Selling

Cynthia Barnes
Unstoppable with Cynthia Barnes

TCU Sales Center
Britney Abshire
Amplify Women in Sales Podcast (1 season; Season 2 launching soon)

Melinda Chen
Women Making Big Sales

Ryann Dowdy & Kelly Roach
Daily Sales on Demand for CEOs (60+ episodes)

Lynn Whitbeck / Gabby Scott
Future Forward Sales (43 episodes and no new episode since July 15 )

Christine Schlonski
Heart Sells! (350+ episodes, no new episodes since May 2021)

Meridith Elliott Powell
Thriving in Uncertainty

Karen Kelly
K2 Sales

Ehrin Weiss
PsycheandSales (38 episodes)

Mary Grothe
Quota Crusher Podcast (63 episodes, no new since June 2021 though)

Tamara Bunte
Mastering Sales

Marylou Tyler
Predictable Prospecting Podcast (161+ episodes)

Ashleigh Early
The Other Side of Sales (with various co-hosts)

Susan McVea
Master the Sales Game (100+ episodes)

Utah Women in Sales
Women Who Win

Suzanne Paling / Jennifer Leake
Sales Hiring Straight Talk

Nikki Rausch
Sales Maven (80+ episodes)

Colleen Manning
Sales Strong

Marty Holmes / Sales Ed. Foundation
The New Selling of Sales (New)

Galem Girmay
What is Your Legacy?

Lori Richardson is President of Women Sales Pros and host of Conversations with Women in Sales podcast.

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