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Leadership Tips Part 2


We continue our series of posts from our Women Sales Pros – Sales Experts – with Lisa Magnuson, Liz Heiman, and Meshell Baker. Share your top leadership tips as well.

Lisa Magnuson, Pacific Northwest, USA

Founder and CEO, Top Line Sales, LLC

Women Sales Pro Member since 2012

Lisa’s Sales Leadership Tips

  1. Focus on your team’s biggest prospects. Help them identify, develop, and close their 5X deals. Take the lead on connecting with executive sponsors. Assist them in setting up regular win room opportunity strategy meetings and set the pace with great ideas to move the prospect forward. Coach them through pre-call prep and presentation dry runs. 
  2. Celebrate all 5X wins. Go big for big contracts.  Include the entire opportunity team.  Make it memorable!
  3. Learn from big wins and big losses. Lead the prospect retrospective conversation to truly learn what happened.  Were your Win Themes™ correct.  What changed during the long, complex buying process?  Share your learnings with the entire opportunity team. Never blame!

Check out Lisa’s online courses: Over 13,000 successful salespeople have taken Lisa’s LinkedIn Learning courses.

How to Effectively Engage Executives

Pre-call Prep for Live or Virtual deals

Lisa advises the Sales Leaders of companies who want to grow their business through closing more big deals. She calls them 5X deals or contracts worth about five times their average contract size. Sales VP’s need their senior sales executives to close their largest opportunities – every time.

Yet, complex opportunities are long and messy.

They require a higher level of sales execution.                

Lisa guides seasoned opportunity teams including sales leaders, senior account executives and others to deliver on their biggest opportunities. 

Lisa’s clients have won millions in new contracts using The Top Line Sales Toolkit™.

Sales Leaders who engage with Top Line Sales get results. No wonder that 100% of their business comes from referrals and 90% of their clients are repeat customers.

Lisa is the author of two award winning books:

The TOP Sales Leader Playbook: How to Win 5X Deals Repeatedly

The TOP Seller Advantage: Powerful Strategies to Build Long-Term Executive Relationships

When she’s not guiding Sales VP’s and their teams to develop and land 5X contracts, she can be found hanging out with her family, walking in the many beautiful parks in the Pacific Northwest, swimming, or reading a good book.

Connect with Lisa:


Liz Heiman, Reno, NV

Founder and Chief Sales Strategist, Regarding Sales, LLC

Women Sales Pro Member since 2016

Named Sales Influencer by Social Sales Links

Liz’s Leadership Tips:

  1. Set up a sales operating system for your team that provides goals and guiderails that will help the team achieve their goals.  Activity without strategy or process is chaos.
  2. Manage the process, not the people. Salespeople are undoubtably the toughest people to manage.  Set up a process and set clear expectations.  Manage the team using those processes and expectations. When they don’t fulfill expectations, make it clear that it’s not acceptable and set a time frame for meeting those expectations.
  3. Make sales meetings valuable for everyone.  Don’t do funnel reviews or opportunity updates in group meeting. Save those for individual funnel reviews. Use your team time for product updates, training, strategizing, team problem solving and progress toward goals.

Liz’s Bio

Liz Heiman is the Sales Operating System Architect and the founder of Regarding Sales.  Liz guides “Ready-to-Scale” founders and CEOs to take the chaos out of sales so they can create a more sustainable growth strategy that strengthens the pipeline and streamlines their process to increase revenue on a predictive basis.

Liz builds B2B Sales Operating Systems that drive extraordinary growth using strategy and process to create a roadmap for success that focuses clients on getting the results they need.

With a master’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, Liz is an experienced international political economist, well-schooled in digging through the data to interpret results. With her unique background combined with her focus on strategy and process, Liz delivers clients concrete solutions for difficult sales problems.

Connect with Liz:

Meshell R Baker, Dallas, TX

Founder and Chief Confidence Igniter, Meshell Baker Enterprises

Women Sales Pro | Member since 2020 | Advisor since 2022

Meshell’s Leadership Tips:

My top 3 tips for inspiring excellence in outcomes begin with a leader's willingness to Dream B.I.G.:

  1. B is for Belief – Hone in on and harness the belief in the legacy of your leadership. Get crystal clear on WHY your leadership will inspire greatness in others. Then clarify with those you lead – their reasons for succeeding and reference these reasons (why) regularly. There is no success without overcoming trials and setbacks. And your unwavering belief is needed to inspire you to carry the vision and mission for yourself, your organization, and your people on the journey to exceeding sales targets!
  2. I is for Imagination – This is the powerful internal force that empowers sellers and leaders to consistently perform.  Imagination is with you when your bank account is low or empty, when someone quits or doesn't make quota, and when a deal crashes and burns. What you think propels confidence and compels resilience to keep moving toward your targets. It fuels you to think thoughts of solutions and success versus problems. Your focused imagination will produce unprecedented results and a radically positive team culture.
  3. G is for Gratitude – Persistently practicing gratitude and appreciation is a powerful habit that harvests clients, advocates, top performers, and more. Humans can only focus on either the problem or the possibility… on the obstacle or opportunity. There’s an old adage: when you look for the good the good gets greater. Anyone who has achieved phenomenal results and outcomes does not do it alone. Becoming a master of inspiring and influencing others will get you further and faster than doing it alone.

Dream B.I.G… you, your people, and your organization deserve nothing less!


Meshell understands that many female founders, business owners, sales leaders, and sellers struggle with doubt, stifling their inner critics, and sustaining consistent revenues. She is on a mission to ignite unstoppable confidence in as many people as possible. She uses data, psychological science, and expert experience, helping her clients apply the strategies that lead to influential communication skills leading their teams to deliver unprecedented results and establish radical responsibility.  to be their best. Her client put in place processes to immediately impact and improve their people..

Meshell is the Chief Confidence Igniter, Exhilarating Keynote Speaker, Authentic Selling Alchemist and Confident Living Catalyst who offers a unique ability to guide and encourage her audiences and clients to be their best and most authentic selves. Her passionate storytelling and enthusiasm are a wonderful blend of theory and practical application inspiring you to calm the voice in your head and tap into your unlimited awesome.

Meshell masterfully guides her clients and audiences to capitalize on their current conditions and leverage obstacles as opportunities and reenvision their problems as possibilities. She is renowned for her authentic value-based and no-nonsense approach to selling that inspires more conversations that confidently convert into raving fan clients. Meshell has phenomenal results, accolades, and awards and has compiled an incredible track record of raving recommendations with clients over the past 25+ years.

Connect with Meshell: 

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