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The Top New Sales Podcasts Hosted or Co-Hosted by Women

8 More Podcasts by Women

In January, Women Sales Pros shared the first public list of 33 top sales and revenue podcasts which are all hosted (or co-hosted) by women. You read correctly – there are THAT many of them! I got tired of the same old podcasts being shared, and because of the fact that NO ONE was aware that there are this many choices in women-hosted sales podcasts – they just weren’t being talked about.

Here is the FIRST list of 33 podcasts for you to check out.

Now we are sharing EIGHT more. Actually 7, because Wesleyne's is a brand change. 

I appreciate all of you who send me notes about how much you like our Conversations with Women in Sales podcast – AND, one step better is if you would comment right in iTunes, because podcasts that have more followers and ratings get much higher visibility. Please do that with any of these podcasts – share them with other women (and your male colleagues) and “like” and RATE THEM. 

Congrats to the newest sales and revenue podcasts we are sharing today – check these out too!

Jen Allen

Winning the Challenger Sale

Jen is Chief Evangelist at Challenger™ and after co-hosting some of the episodes is the sole host and has some fantastic episodes recorded.  Several recent episodes focus on Opportunity Prioritization in prospecting.

Heidi Solomon-Orlick

Girlz Who Sell

Hedi started GirlzWhoSell in 2021 and in addition to creating a book anthology with 33 women in sales sharing their stories – she is recording some of the stories as well for your listening pleasure.

Chitra Singh

ShineIn Sales

The Shine In Sales Podcast is presented by SalesWomentoring – India’s first community enabling women to succeed at B2B selling. Host Chitra Singh covers topics like mindset, happiness, productivity, confidence, plus stereotypes and biases.

Amy Hrehovcik

Revenue Real Podcast

This is a podcast where you can learn how to navigate hard conversations that come up in sales and in life. Grow your revenue by gaining tips from Amy’s interviews and solo episodes.

Thilaga Kumar

Cumulative Selling (link added when the podcast goes live; check out YouTube Sell Like Her show and also Global Talk Show for now)

Kushal Saini Kakkar / Wingman

On the Flipside

Christina Brady

Taking the Lead

Christina interviews top women in sales and revenue roles. This podcast launched in Feb. 2021. 

Special Mention:

Sarah Downs

Sales Insights with Sarah

This is a podcast I didn’t see when we created our first list. Sarah Downs hosted 60 episodes and went on hiatus in September of 2021. So nothing new lately, but great episodes.


Transformed Sales (rebranded)

Wesleyne recently changed the title of her podcast to match up with her overall brand (yay). Check it out.

Coming Soon – Wendy Weiss

Salesology(TM) Conversations with Sales Leaders

Did we miss any? Did you check the first list published? If you know of a podcast that is focused on B2B selling, revenue creation, or sales leadership (not entrepreneur-focused podcasts, please – there are tons of those) and we didn't catch it yet, please let us know!

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