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Are Your Presentations User-Friendly?


less is moreWhen it comes to explaining your ideas to others, think women's perfume or men’s aftershave: less is better.

People are drowning in an endless flood of facts, figures, media messages, emails, interruptions, etc. To protect themselves, they are more likely to tune you out than tune you in. Therefore, make your information as user-friendly as possible.

  1. Stop putting the burden on people to figure out where you are going with your discussion and start stating your key message upfront in your discussion.


  1. Stop presenting laundry lists of facts and benefits and start chunking your Information into buckets.  The human brain likes to organize the world in categories. (Are you Republican or Democrat? Doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief? Jazz lover or punk rocker?) E.g.,

There are three options: The Basic, The Advanced, & The Deluxe

-Your ad would work in any of three locations: in Fashion, Travel, or Leisure editorial

-Given your objectives, we want to look at a mix of Conservative, Balanced, & Aggressive investments


  1. Stop trailing off at the end of your conversation and start to repeat your message at the end to ensure retention. People remember the last thing they hear (the old rule of primacy and recency).

If people are going to tune out most of what they hear, make sure it isn’t your message that they are blocking.  Remember,  it isn’t how much you say. It’s how much your listeners absorb and remember.

Time is Limited: Make What You Say Pay!

Anne Miller is a demo and presentation pro who helps clients win business in high stakes situations. Author, speaker, coach, and seminar leader, Anne is passionate about helping people be their communication best to get the results they seek. For more information and free resources: Contact Anne at 212 876 1 875 or

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