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Book Review: “Shift and Disrupt” new from Bernadette McClelland


We have launched a new thing within the WSP blog called our “author series” where we will be showcasing new sales and revenue books (and the authors who created them) with some insights so you’ll know whether to grab a copy  once we are done with our interview.

I’m delighted to showcase author, speaker and Women Sales Pros expert Bernadette McClelland in our first episode. These are also on the WSP Youtube channel so if you subscribe to the channel you’ll know when new episodes launch.

Watch our interview here.

Shift and Disrupt. Stop Selling Widgets. Start Selling Wisdom – Unlock the Future of B2B Selling with Mindset, Mental Models, More Meaning, and Money

If you buy the book, and go to the Shift and Disrupt site, you can download a 44 page workbook to go with it, and some mental models to help.

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