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Women in Sales – Alice Heiman talks to Debbie Smith of Modus

Women in Sales You Should Know

We have a new series of women in sales who are examples for other women coming up in our profession.

Meet Debbie Smith. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Debbie is Digital Sales Enablement Director at Modus, and was interviewed by our sales expert member, Alice Heiman.

Spend three minutes watching this, and please share with other women in sales. Comment on LinkedIn if you viewed it – let’s encourage other #WomenInSales that sales is an admirable career and an important one in these times.

According to, Alice Heiman is among the world’s leading experts on the complex sale. Founder of Alice Heiman, LLC she strategizes with sales leadership to drive sales growth. Originally, from the widely known Miller Heiman Group, she is a leader in preparing companies to close more complex deals.

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