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A Super-Secret Tip to Attract Executives


Super Secret TipDo you know what the key executives in your largest accounts care about: Results, market/industry trends, risk?

If you want to access them, then one thing is clear, it's critical to know the answer to the question and even more important to have a strategy to communicate the alignment of your offering with their priorities.

One Option

One powerful, proactive sales tool to communicate the outcomes and impact associated with your solution to busy executives is the Executive Alignment Communique. An Executive Alignment Communique summarizes accomplishments and progress for your top customer. It's a custom letter, never generic. A well-crafted Executive Alignment Communique can serve many purposes.

Immediate Benefits

The immediate benefits of adopting this approach include:

  • Raise level of awareness for past successes and future initiatives
  • Pave the road for future executive access
  • Provide recognition, as appropriate, for day to day contacts
  • Articulate alignment (vision, strategic priorities) between your organization and your customer's organization
  • Differentiate you and your company

In Summary
The best letters are a collaborative effort with the entire account team. Like most differentiation strategies, they are well worth the time invested. Executives will appreciate your labors to keep them informed and up to date; especially in such a succinct and professional manner. (They must be brief.  Think executive summary.) If you're consistent in your delivery (I.e. annually or semi annually), busy executives will remember you and be more than willing to give you some of their valuable time when you need it.

Lisa Magnuson is an expert in corporate strategic sales and TOP Line Account™ revenue building. As a respected sales consultant and author, Lisa works with clients to build successful strategic sales programs that drive revenue from large new accounts and enable growth from existing high value customers. Learn more at www.toplinesales.comComing soon: Lisa’s latest book, ‘The TOP Seller Advantage: Powerful Strategies to Build Long Term Executive Relationships’.


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