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The New Sales Economy – What’s Influencing Your Buyers? Part 1


Companies are operating in a new sales economy – this chaotic swirl of business dynamics, technology trends, and cultural change. These elements are influencing and shifting what they need to be successful with their customers.

This new sales economy is also changing their expectations you. In my research for The Modern Seller, I uncovered some top trends that are influencing your buyers and their expectations of you. If you’re going to earn their business, keep it, and grow it, you’ll want to help your prospects and clients navigate them.

In Part 1 of this post, I’ll cover three key trends in the new sales economy.

The ROI Speedway

Gone are the days where we could take 6-12 months to show a return on investment for our products and services. Our clients and prospects are living quarter to quarter. Their ROI expectations – and how quickly we deliver them – have changed.

When you’re selling, it helps to get crystal clear on what will create results in the client’s eyes. And then be prepared to make the business case for how you’ll deliver on a quarterly basis.

The Amazon Effect

Last year, Amazon shipped over 5 billion items with Prime. People (an estimated 100 million of us) use Amazon because it’s easy, convenient and fast. Perhaps its biggest draw is the social proof and choice we’re offered in one place.

With experiences like Amazon, B2B sales are now taking on many of the characteristics that were once only found in B2C sales.

B2B buyers want to conduct their own research. They want to see social proof of your offering’s benefits. And even in the most complex sales cycles, they want it to be easy to buy, easy to implement, and easy to return. If you haven’t already implemented these Amazon-like business practices, now is the time to get started.

Escalating Buyer Control

B2B prospects and clients have access to ever increasing amounts of information. It’s shifting the buying process somewhat because it gives them more of a level of control. But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re always uncovering quality information, or the right information to apply to their challenges.

As sellers, this is our opportunity to bring intelligence. It’s meeting buyers where they are, and bringing them insights specific to their business, to help guide their decision-making processes.

Watch for the second article in this series for more on what’s influencing our buyers in the new sales economy.

About Amy Franko

Amy Franko is a sales leader turned entrepreneur, sales keynote speaker, and author. She’s passionate about two things professionally: sales and leadership. She works with insurance organizations and professional services firms to improve sales results and build future sales leaders. Learn more about Amy and download a chapter of The Modern Seller, a #1 Amazon new release.

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