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The Sales Flavoured Hero’s Journey


sales hero's ournetAll of us – whether we are in the top echelon of corporate,  manage a business unit or sell within a business, all of us, without exception, are on our own Hero’s Journey as we move from the world of a salesperson to becoming what our buyers want and that is, genuine trusted advisors.

The Hero’s Journey is a  clear structure you would recognise from blockbuster epics that include The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars where the hero leaves their ordinary world, gets called to a new world, meets a variety of people who are friends and foes, finds themselves being tested at the highest level, stares down their challenge, slays the dragon returning only to bring back the magic elixir for others.

This structure happens in the world of selling too, especially with the environment changing from caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) to caveat venditor (let the seller beware).

The following could be the storyline for a typical salesperson today. Can you see yourself as the character?

  • Leaving the old world – the world where you know more than the customer and had more control over your sales process!
  • Ignoring the call – resisting the change you need to make to adapt your style to the new buying process!
  • Stepping into the new world – where expectations from customers are different and expectations from companies are changing. Where you must embrace social selling, personal leadership skills and learn to become someone who can articulate their thoughts!
  • Being tested with one challenge after another – new technology, increasing competition, staff retention…
  • Finding who your allies are on your journey, realising you have enemies – whether they be within your camp or without. But you will also find a mentor along the way who will help you navigate and grow as you realise you need to change as much as your environment does!
  • Facing fear of the unknown, what people might think, rejection from others or fear of not being enough.  Expanding who you are and metaphorically slaying your dragon whether that be making a ‘do or die' presentation when you hate public speaking or having to get that ‘C Level’ appointment when the pressure is on and you are not sure what to say!
  • Breaking through your boundary conditions and winning that business, running that campaign, stepping up to the plate , realising you can do it with the right resources and resourcefulness!
  • Returning to the Ordinary World or the team or the business and sharing your success and learnings, proud of who you have become and willing to help others on their journey and in doing so, creating a new status quo, a new ordinary world, where you start again and begin a new journey!

Of course, this is a metaphor for all of us, whether it be beginning a business, beginning a new sales campaign,  taking on a promotion. It’s about not settling for mediocrity.

It is a metaphor for personal leadership of the highest order – taking risks, finding a mentor, destroying limiting beliefs, overcoming adversity, contributing  and adding value to others.

Everything a sales leader needs is at their fingertips.

Where are you, your team or your business on your own unique Hero’s Journey?

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Bernadette McClelland is an international keynote speaker and top sales leadership consultant. Whether you are looking to inspire your team, define key steps to achieve your goals, or jumpstart a new level of revenue generation, Bernadette McClelland is the bridge that will help you achieve it. Contact her today! Contact her office now on 1300 935 226

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