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Day of The Sales dinosaur


sales dinosaurSalespeople who do not move with the times will pass their ‘use by date' and lose their jobs. Period.

If you are someone who has been in the same role, with the same accounts, selling the same products for years….

If you are someone who tells the same stories, approaches customers the same way, thinks personal and professional development is a waste of time…

If you are someone who thinks social media is a fad, thinks marketing is for the marketing department alone, refuses to see the value in CRMs, then think again!

You may be earmarked as a dinosaur.

Salespeople, more than anyone, need to reassess the way they approach their role, because guaranteed, those who are out there researching, laying foundations, having deeper conversations, trying something different, and understanding the human psyche will replace you.

So whilst the buying process may have now changed and the natural reaction is to reassess the sales process to match, I don’t necessarily think the sales process needs to be completely re-invented.

I think it needs to have additional plug-ins. Just like a WordPress website has plug-ins to augment and enhance it, the sales process could do with something similar.

Because we are now in the connection economy, we need to know how to connect more deeply – with ourselves and others. People development must start with the people.

Conscious selling, Social selling, Entrepreneurial selling… those elite salespeople who are keen to embrace and implement these different perspectives are those who have the flexibility to communicate with any and every buyer. And it is because they are constantly learning about people, behaviours and different thinking styles and pushing their own boundaries. The person who has the most flexibility in communication will be the person who will lead and control any conversation. We know that. And we also know that strategy is not enough.

It is these professionals who sales will soar because they care enough to learn, are brave enough to embrace uncertainty and know how to contribute to both their business and their clients.

How far from or close to extinction might you be?

Be Bold and Brilliant

Bernadette is a keynote speaker, an author, a sales coach/mentor and a changemaker. Founder of Conscious Selling, she helps SMBs and sales teams to be more respected by teaching them how to breaking the rules, to be more relevant by tapping into stories with meaning and to increase their sales results by aligning their values with their intentions so all parties win. She can be contacted directly on 61 3 9840 7869 or via email at for an initial conversation.

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