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Podcast Won a 2020 Bronze Award!

Top Podcast 2020

It is so exciting to announce that the “Conversations with Women in Sales” podcast – begun by our good friend and colleague, Barbara Giamanco, has WON a BRONZE award from TOP SALES WORLD magazine!

This has been a journey and one that happened during a tough time when our businesses were dealing with a health crisis as well as, for many, financial re-structuring (or at least a lot of pivoting)

We lost Barb in May 2020. She had put together an award-winning podcast of interviews with amazing women in various stages of sales and sales leadership – this podcast actually won a top GOLD award last year, so when I offered to attempt to “keep it going” I had no idea about how this would work.

Barb Giamanco

What did I know about podcasting? Very little.

How was all of the tech and feeds set up? Don’t know

Who will help me? Not sure.

What should I do next? Don’t know.

So, with trepidation, I dove in – hiring a person here for some time helping me figure things out, and a volunteer conversation there about how I could do this.

Then I buckled down and started to review what Barb had done and who she hadn’t talked with yet.

I’m thrilled that the “new” episodes have been so well received.

I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart those who supported the effort and who continue to support it. Some of those folks are:

Rick, who is Barb’s brother and gave the green light to do it.

Jonathan Farrington – my top supporter, for sharing the vision, and posting updates each month.

James Carbary – for initially helping Barb with the podcast and for supporting me when I had questions.

Deb Calvert and Joanne Black – My “support team” as I talked through a future for the podcast.

Vidyard and Tyler Lessard for stepping up as our first sponsor in the “new episodes”


Check out the Podcast click here.

It will be redesigned but it is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. If you are at iTunes, and you enjoyed the episode, PLEASE give it a 5-star review and write what you liked about it – it really makes a difference.

You can also TELL OTHERS. Share on Linkedin or elsewhere. Women in sales really tend to enjoy it, and so do many of our male allies.

Suggest someone we should interview.

Be inspired by what you hear on the podcast – that is the ultimate goal as we continued Barb’s legacy – to inspire more women in sales and sales leadership. Consider a sales career if you are female and haven’t thought about that. Consider promoting a woman on your sales team to the next manager or director role if you haven’t done so. Make a difference with the ideas that you here. Barb would love that.

Lori Richardson is President of Women Sales Pros, a community for the goal of more women in B2B sales and sales leadership. She is also the host of Conversations with Women in Sales podcast. 

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