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How to Open Doors to Sales Opportunities – eBook from Conversations with Women in Sales

How to Open Doors Conversations with Women in Sales

We are thrilled that the award-winning podcast,Conversations with Women in Sales has launched a series of e-books with some of the best content culled from the conversations.

The first e-book, which is downloadable (simple gated page) is called Opening Doors to Sales Opportunities.

Featured guests are:

  • Alli Rizacos, Regional Sales Manager at Salesforce
  • Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener at Kopp Consulting
  • Kristina McMillan, VP of Research at TOPO
  • Mandy Bynum, Head of Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at New Relic
  • Joanne Black, Joanne Black is America’s Leading Authority on Referral Selling

Congrats to Barbara Giamanco on the great success of the podcast and with the new e-books.

You can download the new e-book here.

Lori Richardson President WOMEN Sales Pros
Lori Richardson is President of Women Sales Pros and is working to see more women in sales and sales leadership in companies where there are male-majority sales teams. She is also Founder and CEO of Score More Sales.


One Response

  1. Lori – thanks to you and Women Sales Pros for continuing to help support my podcast focused on women in sales. I really appreciate the additional support now that I’m turning podcast interview content into e-Books giving anyone in sales a way to learn from the great advice of all the women I’ve interviewed!

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