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Executive Presence for Women in Sales and Sales Leadership

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It is always good to hear about the women who have gotten into a sales role in a company where there is or has been a male majority sales team. The opportunities in a sales career are some of the best compared to any other corporate role.

It can also be a tough grind, a difficult ramp up, and in some companies, tricky being a strong, confidant seller looking to rise within the organization.

Some companies do not offer a clearly explained and demonstrated path to promotion – one of the areas that our research shows is important for women in sales roles.

Many women we talk with have concerns about the feedback they are receiving – or the feedback they are not receiving in order to know how to do their role well, and to grow with their role.

That’s why Women Sales Pros Sales Expert, Author, and Speaker Julie Hansen and I have put together a full day event for women in sales roles: SDR, BDR, AE, rep, Sales Manager, and Sales Execs all about Executive Presence.

“Executive Presence has been estimated to account for 28% of a woman’s success.” – Sylvia Ann Hewlett

In a sales role, improving one’s executive presence means more deals closed, faster and in the case of sales leaders, it means more team revenue.

Our kickoff event is in BOSTON (Waltham) all day on April 25th.

Join us?

Julie, a former actor and improv performer wrote about it here. She will be flying in from Denver just for us. Join leaders from top companies around Boston and beyond.

You can register here.

If you have 3 or more attendees from your company, reach out to Lori here.

Lori Richardson President WOMEN Sales Pros
Lori Richardson Lori Richardson is President of Women Sales Pros and is obsessed with helping more women get into sales roles of all types in companies with male majority sales teams..

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