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Women Sales Pros You Need to Meet


women sales prosToday we are pleased to launch Women Sales Pros, a place to find some of the best, B2B sales experts in the world. We are:

Keynote speakers on B2B sales topics

Top consultants on sales process, inside sales, negotiation, EQ, sales strategy, prospecting, and sales leadership

Best-selling authors (and authors with books on sales you may not have heard of yet)

Highly skilled and sought-after sales trainers and sales coaches

Sales bloggers with huge community and social platforms

Once upon a time, best-selling sales author and keynote speaker Jill Konrath created a single event with women sales experts as presenters. The audience was women sales professionals. It was called Sales Shebang ®

The name carried on for a number of years – and now it has transformed into Women Sales Pros.

This is where you go to find a fantastic speaker, consultant, or other expert to inspire your sales team and grow your company

It is where you go to learn about various sales styles to better coach your reps

It is where you go to learn the latest in professional, B2B sales tools, strategies, and ideas.

We are building a community for you to come back to when you need a boost – an idea – a resource.

Welcome to Women Sales Pros. Where we are changing business one interaction at a time.

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