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Congratulations Top Women Sales Bloggers


top sales bloggersA couple of weeks ago sales tool company iSEEit published The Top 100 Most Innovative Sales Bloggers (That Will Help You Shatter Your Sales Goals).

This was not just a friendly list of supporters of iSEEit – in fact most of us had never heard of these folks before. It was not a popularity contest list – people who are on other lists so they thought they should include them.

Instead, this list was based on metrics. Here is what I was told by iSEEit Content Marketing Manager David Perralta on how they came up with the list:

I compiled this list and order based on the amount of the social shares each blogger's top 3 articles received combined with their domain authority (how many other sites are linking back).

It is fantastic, then, that we list 16 of OUR Women Sales Pros who were on this list. These experts share their ideas on the WomenSalesPros site – so please check back here for their content on a regular basis. Here they are– in order:

Jill Konrath #3

Joanne Black #15

Nancy Nardin #20

Josiane Feigon #23

Lori Richardson #25

Trish Bertuzzi

Colleen Francis

Deb Calvert

Bernadette McClelland

Alice Heiman

Anneke Seley

Kendra Lee

Barb Giamanco

Colleen Stanley

Nancy Bleeke

Wendy Weiss

Congratulations to the other women sales writers mentioned:

  • Jill Rowley
  • Tiffani Bova
  • Leanne Hoagland Smith
  • Elinor Stutz
  • Linda Richardson
  • Tamara Schenk
  • Sue Barrett
  • Patricia Fripp
  • Rachel Clapp Miller
  • Sharon Drew Morgen

Lori Richardson, President WomenSalesProsLori Richardson is President of Women Sales Pros – a website that shines a light on top women sales experts worldwide. If you’re looking for a speaker for a conference, or a consultant, trainer, author, coach or other sales expert – you’ve come to the right place.


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  1. Thanks Lori for continuing to support the women noted here and all others whose mission is to help people and organizations grow!

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