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How to Share Challenges and Successes for More Women in Sales to Gain Ideas


Share Challenges and SuccessBeing able to learn from others is a powerful way to identify and solve problems as well as for sharing big successes. At the AA-ISP Leadership Conference this week, WOMEN Sales Pros will be facilitating a workshop for men and women sales leaders (and company leaders) on ways to find, hire, and retain great women sales reps and sales leaders. (watch the Twitter handle @WOMENSalesPros plus #LS2017

After a panel discussion with three amazing women leaders we will break into small groups. Below are my instructions for the participants in this workshop – knowing that someone reading this post may be in a position to do the same small group exercises in order to share ways that others have solved similar issues and to share successes.

We will be sure to post the results of this session here so keep watching.

Here is our breakout into small groups of 2-4 people:

  • More experienced sales leaders pair up with less experienced sales leaders or future leaders. If two people have about the same amount of experience, just pair up and work on one of the scenarios
  • One person shares a tough challenge in finding or retaining women sales talent, women sales leaders, and / or women reps. The other(s) in your group offer(s) ideas for you to consider, with an open mind. The person sharing the challenge listens, and writes down the ideas. If you leave without ideas, email your challenge and we will provide everyone with ideas, resources, and hope.


One person shares a great success in finding and / or retaining women sales talent / leaders/ reps. The other(s) offer(s) another success or perhaps it sparks an idea. Someone writes the exchange down.

  • Include your name, their name(s). Nothing confidential is shared outside of this room.
  • Take a photo of your list and email to or hand me a copy at the end of the session.

YOUR NAME______________________________________

OTHER(s) in your group _________________________________________________________





Watch the Twitter feed for @AA-ISP #LS2017 and @WOMENSalesPros for more!

Lori Richardson is President of WOMEN Sales Pros and the author of the upcoming book, She Sells, She Leads to be released in 2017. Lori speaks to company leaders on 5 ways to get more women into sales and sales leadership roles. Visit the WOMEN Sales Pros blog and follow us on Twitter at WOMENSalesPros.

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