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Summer Sales School 2023 – Lesson #1


Leslie Venetz – Time Management
Discover effective time management strategies as Leslie shares her journey from overwhelming multitasking to running a successful business while working four days a week. Relatable anecdotes, actionable tips, and emphasis on reclaiming your time will improve your time management and work-life balance.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Key Result Area (KRA): Learn how to set a powerful KRA, your guiding star for achieving top priorities within specific timelines.
  • Urgent vs. Important Quadrants: Explore the Urgent vs. Important Matrix and its four quadrants, helping you categorize tasks, align actions with goals, and enhance efficiency.
  • Color Coding and Clustering: Discover practical techniques like color coding your calendar and time blocking to focus on tasks with undivided attention, boosting productivity.

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