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Women are Changing B2B Sales and Growing Profits


Gender Diverse Sales ForceIt’s International Women’s Day today!

Here are some amazing thoughts for CEOs wanting more company growth – hire more women in sales roles and promote more women into sales leadership!

Our friends at Hubspot shared a FANTASTIC post today called The Business Case for Hiring More Women in Sales with an infographic from DocSend – a WOMEN Sales Pros “new favorite company” for their post called Gender Diverse Sales Teams Close More Deals & Bring in More Revenue.

DocSend anecdotally found that more gender diverse sales teams did better financially so they did some research.

We wonder if Silicon Valley tech leaders, and tech leaders in GENERAL (we see the same thing on the East Coast) will sit up and rework their plan for their sales teams.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we at WOMEN Sales Pros think so.

Here are a few more great ROI-based posts to look at:

Why Women are a Powerful Addition to Your Sales Team

The Next Generation of Women Sales Leaders

It is time to stop thinking about this and do something.

**”Image via @docsend”**

Lori Richardson (LR) is interviewing 100 women sales leaders before 2016 is over. Lori is President of WOMEN sales pros ® and CEO of Score More Sales.
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