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Top 50 Women B2B Sales Experts

Women in History Month

Today we give a tip of the hat to the top women B2B sales experts of Women Sales Pros.

These experts do varying roles within the sales industry –

Some are top keynote sales speakers

Some are top sales workshop and sales breakout speakers

Some are top sales authors

Some are top consultants

Some are top trainers

Some are top coaches

Some lead big organizations, some are solopreneurs.


They all help improve businesses around the world.

Many work virtually

Some have web-based programs

Some do blended in-person and virtual programs

Some help inside sales teams

Others help field sales teams

Some have industry specialties and niches

They are Millennials, Gen X’s, and Baby Boomers.


Congratulations to the women here who get onto main stages, who meet with VCs and C-level teams, who record and deliver video learning and podcasts, who write books, and who give their clients great value.


All have high standards, are collaborative, and supportive.

They support each other.

They help each other out to solve client issues.

Learn more about this community of Women Sales Pros Sales Experts  

Lori Richardson President WOMEN Sales Pros
Lori Richardson is President of Women Sales Pros and is working to see more women in sales and sales leadership in companies where there are male-majority sales teams. She is also Founder and CEO of Score More Sales.

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